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“Francophones Should Apologize To Anglophones” says Jean-Pierre Bekolo

Popular Cameroonian film director, Jean-Pierre Bekolo thinks Francophnes need to apology to Anglophones. He made the comment during his appearance on Canal 2 international on August 15.

“I understood that there was someone who said, We solved this and that problem. If the problems were solved, it means there were problems and they had reasons for raising them, and that in resolving them, deep in the bottom it was acknowledged that there was something being done wrongly. I think that what was missing, what is missing, is first, when we are wrong, we have to apologize, “ the film director said reacting to a question from Jean-Bruno Tagne, on the ongoing Anglophone crisis.

Cameroon is a bilingual country; the constitution gives equal status to both English and French. But the English-speaking Northwest and Southwest regions are seething over their alleged marginalisation; accusing the government of giving preferential treatment to Cameroon’s eight other administrative regions.
“Francophones Should Apologize To Anglophones” says Jean-Pierre Bekolo
The discontent, known in Yaoundé as the “anglophone problem”, is fanned by the perceived lack of investment by the government; a lack of political advancement for anglophones; and the general difficulty faced in the job market by those for whom French is not their first language.

Public unrest began in October 2016. It started as a strike by lawyers and then teachers over the “francophonisation” of the regions’ legal and education systems. It quickly coalesced into a general outcry over poor governance, “cultural genocide”, and the heavy-handed crackdown by the authorities.

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