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Cameroon News -- Is The Problem Of Insecurity In Douala Being Tolerated?

For the past four months, several cases of vandalism, assault and break into homes have been reported in Douala. A day will hardly go by without an incident that will leave the population worried about their security. 

They hoodlums carry sharp and dangerous objects; but all of them are armed with a single objective: Terrorize the population and buckle at all cost, even if it means taking away lives.

The Douala 2 municipality has been the most hit in the past four months. The incident which happened Tuesday was second of its kind in the same locality, came four months after the fight that ensued between the youth of Makia and those of Newbell that left many injured and costed enormous material losses.
Cameroon News -- Is The Problem Of Insecurity In Douala Being Tolerated?
Many find it hard to reconcile the fact that the Douala 2 municipality disposing of 3 Gendarmerie Brigades, 1 Central Police Station, a Public Security Police and 2 special police units is still unable to maintain security in the locality. Fingers are now

Despite the warnings of the Littoral regional governor Samuel Dieudonne Ivaha Diboua last march 17 issuing severe sanctions to defaulters, bandits have not seized to operate in broad day light and at night.

Reliable sources have blamed the prevalent insecurity in the locality to complicity between those of the underworld and security forces operating in the area.

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