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Prophet Walter Magaya's Secrets Disclosed At Last

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries Founder Prophet Walter Magaya, has disclosed the secret behind the multitudes of people that thronged his Waterfalls base at the Night of Turnaround 5 last Friday. 

International visitors from countries like the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, China, Korea and those from Southern African countries attended the prayer night. Local church leaders that include Paul Saungweme of Victory World International, Shame Hungwe of House of Grace Ministries, Sam Malunga of Tehillah Christian Network among others were part of the guests taking the front seats with senior government officials.

Prophet Magaya pronounced a blessing to the multitudes in his opening prayer and some started manifesting evil spirits and among the people were Garikayi Zindi, who was delivered from the spirit of madness. “Today is a day of testimonies, you are healed by attending this prayer day. God’s power is already working just have the courage to give your testimony,” said Prophet Magaya addressing multitudes of people that extended across the bridge into Highfield.

He shared the word from the Bible, John 10:10 which says the devil is the enemy in people’s lives who came to steal, kill and destroy calling people to put their faith in God so as to reap good things. Responding to questions from various media organisations, including foreign journalists from Botswana, Prophet Magaya said the attendance could have been fuelled by testimonies from people he prayed for.
Prophet Walter Magaya's Secrets Disclosed At Last
Prophet Magaya promised to hold his next annual meeting at his farm saying the Waterfalls is no longer sufficient.

“People are being delivered daily from various sicknesses and diseases and those people have relatives, they are the ones giving living testimonies,” said Prophet Magaya.

“Thousands came to receive their healing and God heard my prayers over his people and his power is being felt by many from outside the country, region and locally. Amazing things are being recorded at our church services daily and when people are busy trying to tarnish my name those healed continue to testify about where they received their healing and today even my team failed to believe that they will manage this.

Our next annual prayer meeting will be held at the farm since this has proved too small to accommodate such a multitude of people. People are spreading the word, I want to believe that the Prince from Swaziland got testimonies from one prince who married a Zimbabwean recently and those who are after me very few to be forgiven and join others in telling the truth and the good of the nation and world at large,” said Prophet Magaya.

Prophet Sanyangore told H-Metro that Prophet Magaya is highly anointed.

“This is a big crowd brother and this shows that Prophet Magaya is highly anointed for the word of God says no one comes to God’s house unless God’s spirit draws them,” said Prophet Sanyangore.

“Some Bible scriptures are being fulfilled proving that Africa is loved by God and it is a blessing to see government officials standing with churches, this heals our land. The coming of people to this gathering is an announcement that God is the answer to people’s problems and I am here also to be connected to the grace of God. What else can we say about Prophet Magaya, look at the crowd it’s a big and shows that God loves this nation,” said Prophet Sanyangore.

Prophet Sham Hungwe said his attendance was to support Prophet Magaya’s calling.

“God chooses the humble and prophet Magaya is one such humble and African continent is loved by God for its humbleness,” said Prophet Hungwe. “Visitors are leaving their local prophets because in one’s life God sends one prophet to help you that has seen people coming from overseas visiting prophet Magaya. People are hungry for both food and the word of God and they go where they are fed sufficiently,” said prophet Hungwe.

South African gospel icons Winnie Mashaba and Keke Phookolo shared the stage with local artistes that included Sabastian Magacha, Mathias Mhere and Yadah Voices.
Source: H Metro

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