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Father jailed 18 months for sex with daughter aged 15, Wife pregnant

A 36 year old Insuza man has been dragged to court after he was caught dating daughter and having a sexual relationship with her.

Limon Ndlovu, father to a 16 year old girl fell in love with his wife’s is 15-year-old daughter and had sex with her on several times.

He was given an 18 months prison sentence for his crime.

A court heard that he was sleeping with her in her mother’s bedroom and sometimes in the bush when her mother was away.
Father jailed 18 months for sex with daughter aged 15, Wife pregnant
Bulawayo magistrate Mr Tinashe Tashaya convicted Limon Ndlovu on his own plea of guilty.

He conditionally suspended three months for five years, leaving Ndlovu with an effective 15 months to serve. Ndlovu told the court that he fell into temptation.“I’m sorry your worship I don’t know what came over me. My oldest daughter is 16 and I shouldn’t have done what I did.

As it is my wife is pregnant with our fourth child but I betrayed her trust, he said.

Mr Tashaya chided Ndlovu for being a heartless father who took advantage of a minor and violated her.

“You are a father of a 16 year old but you bedded a child who’s younger than your daughter. Your behaviour is unbecoming of a man your age,” said the magistrate.

Prosecuting, Mr Taurai Hondoyemoto told the court that in July this year the teenager was left at home with her siblings and Ndlovu while her mother went to cut thatching grass.

“Complainant went to her mother’s bedroom to switch on a radio and the accused person followed her.

“He asked her for sex and she agreed. He laid her on a bed and had sex with her once,” said Mr Hondoyemoto.

“From that day he would ask complainant to meet him in the bush or in his matrimonial bedroom when his wife was away. Complainant’s mother got worried about her daughter’s closeness to the father.

“She questioned her daughter who revealed the affair.”

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