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Epworth man busted pants down bonking neighbour’s dog

An Epworth man landed himself in trouble after he was allegedly caught having se_x with his neighbour’s dog before offering its owner $24.

After realising that his offer was not enough to convince the dog owner, Matthew Murewa not to take the matter to the police, Collins Muzenda also allegedly offered him a gas stove in a bid to conceal his shenanigans.

But Collins Muzenda’s efforts were fruitless and he ended up in the dock at the Harare magistrate’s court facing be_stiality charges. The 27 year old was not asked to plead to the charges when he appeared before magistrate Arnold Maburo who remanded him out of custody to November 17 on $50 bail.
Epworth man busted pants down bonking neighbour’s dog
Circumstances leading to Muzenda’s arrest are that on November 2 at around 6am Murewa saw his dog having ge_nital bleeding. After two hours, Murewa saw Anyway Kangaidza coming to his house holding a hat and told him that he had seen Muzenda having se_x with his dog, a court heard.

Murewa and Kangaidza took the hat to Muzenda’s house where they found the latter’s wife who confirmed that the hat belonged to her husband. Kangaidza and Murewa then tracked Muzenda and hooked up with him whilst he was at Stopover shops. Reports are that Muzenda gave Murewa $24 and a gas stove to conceal the matter. But Murewa turned down the offer before taking the matter to the police leading to his arrest.

He was taken to court charged with be_stiality.

Source-H Metro

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