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Beyonce Dead! 'Lemonade' Singer Dies Due To Excessive Bleeding? NO, Another Death Hoax!

Beyonce is one of the most popular and powerful women in the entertainment industry. She excels in everything she does. However, new reports claim that the unstoppable singer, Beyonce is dead. What happens to the "Lemonade" singer?

According to Aussie Networks News a Facebook page titled "RIP Beyonce" has gained the attention of Beyonce's fans when one shared the "Lemonade" singer's passing. The Facebook post suggests that Beyonce died on Oct. 18, 2016 due to excessive bleeding. The post even added that the "Single Ladies" singer will be missed but not forgotten.

The Facebook post encouraged Beyonce's fans to comment and like the page to show sympathy and condolences to the "Lemonade" artist's family. The dubious and controversial post, which turns out to be another death hoax has already gained one million Facebook Likes.

However, the report did not include a link to the controversial Facebook page. It's either those reports were also dubious. Also, there are already tons of death hoax spreading online and in social media sites like Facebook involving popular celebrities and personalities. Also, this is not the first time Beyonce is involved in a death hoax. A few years back the hashtag #BeyonceDead made round online.
Beyonce Dead! 'Lemonade' Singer Dies Due To Excessive Bleeding? NO, Another Death Hoax!
There are rumors that Beyonce's death hoax reports spring from the recent accident that the "If I Were A Boy" singer encountered. According to the Gamers Drop, Beyonce run into an accident during her performance on "Tidal X 1015." The benefit concert aims to highlight education and celebrate philanthropy

During Beyonce's performance, her braid accidentally entangled her earring which cuts her left ear causing it to bleed. However, Queen Bey proves everyone that she is unstoppable by finishing her performance. Due to this, Beyonce gains more respect and admiration from the audience.

For Beyonce's fans, don't worry because Queen Bey is alive and kicking. If Beyonce is dead, it already made headlines. However, reliable sites and magazines have never mentioned of this report. Thus, it is safe to say that it's another death hoax.

So, next time, one should be mindful and cautious when sharing or liking posts online, especially on social media like Facebook. Don't spread lies. Beyonce is alive.

Did you see the Facebook page that kills Beyonce online? Did you believe it? Why are death hoax reports involving celebrities so popular now? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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