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Walter Magaya caught up in land scandal

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance leader, Walter Magaya has embarked on an illegal and controversial housing project. 

Recently Zimbabwe’s state-owned newspaper, The Herald reported that Magaya is going to build 46 000 houses countrywide and upon investigating how Magaya had acquired so many stands in a few months this publication got shocking details.

For the benefit of Magaya and himself Honourable Kasukuwere who is the Minister of local government which controls state owned land in Zimbabwe reversed the allocation of close to 50 000 stands that had been earmarked for War Veterans and War Collaborators in a move that has been seen described as fraudulent.

The Minister has used Magaya as a front man in this scandalous transaction in which he has made all efforts to keep his name behind the scenes. The Honourable Minister is a strong member of the ZANU PF faction known as the G40 which is led by the First Lady Grace Mugabe. The faction is leading a push to remove Cde Emerson Mnangagwa from his post as the Vice President of Zimbabwe. It is understood that Magaya is a strong ally to the First Lady and has declared his allegiance in many circles.
Walter Magaya caught up in land scandal
The latest partnership is however a dead-end as its going to attract controversy as the war veterans are said to have held a secret meeting over the stands a few days ago in which they declared a silent war on the illegal seizure .The vets are in possession of agreements that had been signed between themselves and the Ministry of Local Government under its former leader Honourable Chombo allowing them to allocate the stands to members of their association as part of an initiative by their patron who is President R.G Mugabe to house them.

Not to be left out in the looting spree is Honourable Zhuwawo the nephew to President Mugabe who is also benefiting from the scandal. Zhuwawo also a G40 faction member has put himself in the position of a member in the housing scheme though he is a benefiting facilitator in the whole deal.

A senior member of the War Veterans association who commented on condition of anonymity said “This time we are now clever, we will let them build the houses then we take this issue to court because its daylight robbery, we have even spoken to the leaders at the top who sympathize with us and they assured us that we will get the stands back”…”I would never advise anyone to subscribe to these stands ,houses or whatever Magaya and Kasukuwere are doing because its stolen property that will eventually be retained to us,we have all the necessary papers of ownership of these stands as an association” added the leader.

It was not clear who the leader at the top being referred to was but speculators pointed at Vice President Mnangagwa who the war veterans have clearly nominated to be the next leader of the revolutionary party after President Mugabe. Magaya is well-known for mixing politics with church as he subscribes to many politicians and will bow down to any demands to get political protection no matter how dirty the game can get. “I can confirm to you that Magaya is lying about the 20% land allocation he is claiming to have received from the government because we know for a fact that he got all the land from this Minister(Kasukuwere) and they are taking advantage of the political protection from the First Lady but my friend this will be over soon” said another source from inside the Ministry of Local Government.

The issue of Prophet Magaya enjoying protection from prosecution has been openly evident as no issue raised against him has ever taken him to the courts of law no matter how much he breaks the law. Hidden in the police charge offices are multiple rape cases against the man of cloth and no one knows if justice will see its light for the poor girls who ran to the only place they could have their rights observed in vain.

The latest move is likely to have him facing a fall out with the general public as many will fall into the housing trap that will face a reversal when justice takes its course.
Source: The Headboy

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