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A MUST READ - The many sides of Mai Magaya

Prophet Walter Magaya’s wife, Tendai Magaya, was last Sunday in combative mode as she declared support for her husband following his arrest on a rape charge through Zimdancehall tunes. 

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries leader, prophet Magaya was taken into police custody on Friday last week and was released on $2 000 bail the following day.

However, Mai Magaya and the rest of the church seemed unfazed during last Sunday church service.

If anyone thought the allegations would dampen Mai Magaya’s spirits, they were disappointed as the prophet’s wife, widely known for her quiet personality, took to the stage to celebrate her birthday which coincided with prophet Magaya’s first service after his release.

Mai Magaya unleashed her vocal talent as she chanted Winky D’s “Zviri Kufaya” with the church’s praise and worship team backing her. “Kana vakavenga, ngavavenge zvavo;

Kana vakatuka, ngavatuke zvavo;

Life yangu iri kufaya ,” she sang amidst wild cheers from the congregants.
The many sides of Mai Magaya
And then came Killer T’s “Takangodaro”.

Mai Magaya did justice to the song in a manner that would have made the Chairman green with envy.

“Takangodaro, takazvarwa takangodaro;

Hatiregere kuita hunhu hweghetto,” she sang whilst displaying her mastery in the popular Zimdancehall moves.

Just as the party was hotting up, she expressed her undying support for the church and her husband in her speech.

“I have never done what I did today, thank you so much. I want to tell you that I love you all, Amen, with all the negativity being spoken outside, Amen. But I want to tell you is that you don’t fight against flesh and blood, our fight is against the devil. So if devil you have ears, I have come to tell you that I am here to stay. PHD is not going to close because of this,” she said amid wild cheers.

“When God created a man, Adam, he created a woman good enough for him. I have come to tell you that I am good enough for your father. With all that is being said, all that is being written, do you know who is being sought after?

‘‘The one being sought after is me so that I can dump the church, but devil I am here to stay,” she declared to rapturous cheers.

Earlier on when Mai Magaya had arrived at the church’s Waterfalls base, she had walked from the car into the church, like a queen taking to the ramp, mobbed with congregants singing and ululating.

Placade waving congregants displayed their solidarity with messages declaring her a loving and humble mother.

For more than an hour, church members, including children, recited poems showering her with praise.

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