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Misguided SA elements must keep hands off Zimbabwe

COSATU should desist from causing chaos in Zimbabwe, a country renowned for its peaceful culture. It should attend to its constituency’s grievances. 

Its energies should be expended on the vagaries of white capital accumulated under apartheid South Africa.

“We are on the side of people of Zimbabwe, never be governed by fear. The people always win like you did in 1980. Victory is certain,” tweeted Julius Malema, leader of a South African opposition party Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) last week.

He was saying this in light of recent isolated skirmishes witnessed in Zimbabwe. Indeed people always win like what Zimbabweans did in 1980. The majority of Zimbabweans did not participate in the recent machinations calculated to destabilise the country under the authors of the regime change agenda who were defeated in 1980.

Yes, the majority of Zimbabweans ignored regime change agents’ attempts to subvert a constitutionally elected Government as more than 90 percent of Zimbabweans are not part to the malcontents’ nefarious agenda.

So, the majority of Zimbabweans will win against all evils being planned in some Western capitals against the country. That one is as certain as the sun will rise from the east tomorrow.
Misguided SA elements must keep hands off Zimbabwe
The majority of Zimbabweans, not the misguided minority elements who are being used as tools by the country’s enemies in their continued attempts to reverse the gains of the hard won independence, are not idiots. Probably agents of regime change agenda rejoiced at Malema’s statement, mistakenly believing that he was now part of their regime change agenda in Zimbabwe.

The majority of peace loving Zimbabweans were shocked after the Congress of South Africa Trade Unions (COSATU)’s International Relations Secretary, one Bongani Masuku said: “COSATU urges people of Zimbabwe to continue with the struggle and not to watch idly while the government tramples upon the rights of workers and ordinary citizens . . . such coordinated mass action is the only language that unresponsive regimes understand”.

This irresponsible statement was made after COSATU had held a meeting with leaders of the regime change agenda affiliate, the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) on July 13, 2016.

COSATU should desist from causing chaos in Zimbabwe, a country renowned for its peaceful culture. It should attend to its constituency’s grievances. Its energies should be expended on the vagaries of white capital accumulated under apartheid South Africa. It is not a secret that after more than 20 years of independence, there are still no-go areas for blacks in South Africa. Ninety-six percent of the means of production are still in the hands of the minority whites. Blacks have no access to their ancestral lands stolen from them by apartheid regimes. Zimbabweans may be facing economic hardships mainly as a result of illegal economic sanctions imposed on the country by the West and falling commodity prices on the international markets, but they are empowered as they got their hard fought for land back.

COSATU may have been irked by the recently enacted Zimbabwe’s Statutory Instrument 64 of 2016 which seeks to regulate imports of selected products. Importing goods and services is the same as exporting labour; so it is understandable that COSATU is worried that if South African exports to Zimbabwe are reduced then the labour market in South Africa will feel the heat. However, the Zimbabwe Government has got a responsibility to protect the country’s industries in order to generate more employment for its citizens.

COSATU should not rejoice when people loot and burn warehouses like what happened in Beitbridge. If South Africans are encouraging such lawlessness then one cannot be blamed for concluding that they are part and parcel of the third force causing the current problems in Zimbabwe.

The African National Congress (ANC) of South Africa condemned the disturbances perpetrated in Zimbabwe and correctly attributed them to agents of the regime change agenda, yet its affiliate, COSATU, chose to act in the opposite. What a shame! COSATU, and all like-minded South Africans should stop meddling in Zimbabwe’s domestic affairs.

The majority of Zimbabweans are not fools or puppets. They are very educated and enlightened. They are not blind, hence they can easily see through the machinations of their enemies. They cannot be influenced to burn their country in pursuit of the regime change agenda which is being orchestrated by their yesteryear colonial masters. The few misguided Zimbabweans should desist from selling out their country for a few pieces of silver. Zimbabwe is their only true home; hence, they should all guard it jealously against the enemy’s evil schemes.

Zimbabweans, together as one, they will conjure all the colonial vampire’s evil plans against this beloved country.

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