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It’s Over For Joyce Banda - RSM Cash Gate Report Reveals Over MK 363 Bn Was Looted In 2013 Under Her Watch.

The propaganda which the Peoples Party launched towards the MK 577 billion cash gate scandal and mud-sling other politicians has failed with a comprehensive report we have seen nailing to the ground.

According to the report which we have in our possession, it has been revealed that over MK 363 billion was stolen from Government purse under the watch of Joyce Banda in 2013.

The financial investigation has established that during the last quarter of the rule of former president Joyce Banda’s People’s Party (PP), more transactions amounting to over K350 billion were made and this money remains unaccounted for till the present day.

It is on record that between January 2009 and December 2014 , there has never been looting of MK 577 billion Kwacha.

This systematic plunder of money mearnt for Malawians happened at a time that Joyce Banda served Malawi as Vice President and former President respectively.

The report says Joyce Banda orchestrated to source funds for her 2014 campaign in a systematic and a coordinated fashion which involved former Budget Director Paul Mpwiyo, her close Peoples Party loyalists, Cash gate convict and PP financier Osward Lutepo ,some authorizing officers like Leonard Kalonga and Peoples Party errand boys such as Caroline Savala, Ephraim Chivunde and Stanford Mpoola among others.
It’s Over For Joyce Banda - RSM Cash Gate Report Reveals Over MK 363 Bn Was Looted In 2013 Under Her Watch.
Among others, Former Minister of Justice and Peoples party legal advisor Ralph Kasambara wanted Banda to testify in his case. Convicted Osward Lutepo also said Banda is responsible for cash gate and so Pika Manondo.

When Former Budget Director Paul Mpwiyo was shot at his house entrance in 2013, Joyce Banda went to town saying she knew of who had shot Mpwiyo and why, vindicating her further that she knew something on cash gate. Banda left Malawi in 2013 after suffering an election loss and now she has been in a self-imposed exile for over two years.

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