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Sangoma threatens politicians with curse for failing to pay him

"PAY back my money or I will curse you!"

This is the stern warning from an angry sangoma from KwaNobuhle in Nelson Mandela Bay, who claims a number of politicians owe him money for services he provided.

The 49-year-old, who introduced himself only as "Ginyizembe", claims that councillors and municipal portfolio councillors used his muthi to get people to vote for them, but after they had won they did not pay him.

"You either pay me or you lose your seat. I am sick and tired of these politicians who use me to get powerful positions. When they wanted positions and love from the crowd I gave them muthi, but you can't tolerate it when people visit you every five years while they still owe you money. I want them to be aware that I am mixing a muthi called masixabane, which will turn their supporters against them. Hands will be raised and individuals will spit when they speak to them," he said.
Sangoma threatens politicians with curse for failing to pay him
He said he was very angry because these politicians were asking for help in the upcoming election.

"I can't rest anymore because at night these people in expensive cars come to me for help. I told them straight this time they must pay or I will destroy them," said Ginyizembe.

He refused to share the names of the politicians and parties involved, but said 17 councillors owed him more than R100 000. His neighbour, Nosiseko Gongqo (46) said: "Political leaders come in beautiful cars, especially during election time. Some of them come at night, hiding their faces. On Sunday there was a long queue."
Source: Daily Sun

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