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Pastor responds to racist email

Pastor Giet Khosa, CEO at the Rhema Bilbe Church warns against those who use religion and biblical scriptures and tools to enforce racist attitudes and discrimination.

This is in response to the recent uproar in Thursday’s news when Sodwana Bay Guesthouse owner, Andre Slade, wrote an email to a prospective client refusing her accommodation because she is black.

Bizarrely, Slade quoted biblical scripture saying “ we work according to God’s law and according to God’s law we have to have some sort of segregation between the creation he left here”

Khosa says the bible and religion was in the past to justify Apartheid laws, but today for this man its merely an excuse.

” We want to call all Christians to distance themselves from people like Slate,” he says. “As Christians we believe in reconciliation and unity.”

Khosa says despite our new democracy South Africa has not dealt with racism adequately.
Pastor responds to racist email
“What we see today is an attitude that has been here all along,” he adds.

Gail Smith, spokesperson of the South African Human Rights Commission says they have not yet received a formal complaint and are yet to make a decision about whether they will look into the matter..

“Race is a sore point in this country and we all have to take cognisance of the language we use,” she says.

Speaking of the new proposed National Action Plan that will see hate speech become criminal law, Smith is doubtful that such a law will curb racism in the country.

“Currently in our courts, people are struggling to get justice for a whole range of issues,”she say.

However, she encourages those who find themselves being victims of racism and discrimination to use the resources available to them such as taking the matter up with SAHRC and the Equality Court.

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