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LeBron James Jr., 11, Has Standing Scholarship Offers From Kentucky and Duke

LeBron James fulfilled his destiny on Sunday night by bringing a championship to Cleveland. Now he can get on with the rest of his life. 

That includes raising his children, LeBron Jr., Bryce and Zhuri. LeBron Jr., as we’ve seen in various YouTube mixtapes, is a good basketball player as far as 11-year olds go. During one of the thousands of columns written about LeBron yesterday, ESPN’s Dave McMenamin and Brian Windhorst revealed this tidbit. Via ESPN:
He raised both arms, just as he did when he pinned Iguodala’s would-be layup against the glass with his right arm, and his 11-year-old son LeBron Jr. did the same (making it no wonder why he already has standing scholarship offers from both Duke and Kentucky, according to a source).
The only surprising thing about this is that every other college hasn’t made a standing offer to all of LeBron’s children. 
LeBron James Jr., 11, Has Standing Scholarship Offers From Kentucky and Duke
If LeBron Jr. was say, a junior in high school, Kentucky and Duke would probably be the only schools with a shot at him. Both are Nike schools with high-profile coaches with relationships with LeBron. However, LeBron Jr. won’t be heading to college until 2023.

Coach K turns 70 next season. Cal is entering his 8th season at Kentucky. His previous two stops were UMass for 8 years and Memphis for 9 years. Even then, portions of some of those seasons never happened in the NCAA’s eyes. Who knows how much longer these two schools will be the top choices for top recruits.

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