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Generations: The Legacy actress falls prey to conman

Generations: The Legacy actress and model Noluvuyo Sodela best known for her role as Bongi fell prey to a conman who made off with her cellphone.

According to a report by the Sowetan, the incident happened on in June at the Carlton Centre, Johannesburg.
Generations: The Legacy actress falls prey to conman
The conman known as “Siya Mgaba Mgaba” reportedly baited the actress with a job interview for a junior marketer.

“When we met, he said he wanted to go up to Claim street to pick up his laptop which was being fixed. We drove to Claim in a metre taxi, and I waited while he went in,” Sodela said.

When the conman came out, he asked to use Sodela’s cellphone to take down a number and disappeared to “collect his laptop”.

That was the last time the Eastern Cape born actress saw her cellphone.

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