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Sharon Macheso and the marriage of convenience saga

By Salvation Press News (SPN)
A MARRIAGE, in the bygone era was preceded by strictly observed courtship.
In some selected instances, courtship persisted for years before a couple would finally settle down. This was a lifetime harmony so it required compulsory planning. It also requested for endurance, sacrifice, tolerance and patience, among other facets.

Sadly, the majority of this has since vanished. This concept has been replaced by marriages of convenience. When a marriage can only exist a mere two months, then there is a need to revisit the marriage institution once again.

In 2014, the circular music circles went ablaze with the impending matrimony of Sharon Macheso and her husband. Their wedding was graced by Prophet Walter Magaya, the leader of Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministry. Many will recall his hoody dressing, camouflaging his identity.
Sharon Macheso and the marriage of convenience saga 
The venue was the Pakare Paye, an event spot owned by Oliver Mutukudzi. Regrettably, the matrimony never lasted a distance.

When people mirrored at the narrative, they contemplate on what could have been administered to try and block the impending divorce. Why the esteemed prophet chose to ‘take cover’, instead of administering a possible marriage dosage advice to the couple before their lives became public fodder.

Later on, they engaged in a torrential dog fight in court of law trying to salvage their pride. But, in the end, their respective egos and family names were left in tatters.

Previously, the sungura soloist, Aleck Macheso had been embroiled in almost related divorce contestation with his second wife, Tafadzwa. The wife accused the husband of using unorthodox means to cure their child. While the husband later purported that the children were not his.

A paternal investigation later proved otherwise. Today Aleck Macheso is paying child maintenance. So is his former son-in-law. 

But what unfolded later was to unmask the hidden objectives behind the main characters in the marriage platform. First, it was Sharon’s husband. He of all people, according to his admission in court, knew that his wife-to-be was ‘engaged in extra marital union with other men’. But he decide to go ahead and marry Sharon, despite all the ‘clear evidence’ he later produced in court. He even claimed that his wife passed on a sexual transmitted disease to him. 
But why did the husband soldier on. An honest preposition would be: the husband was a genuine ghetto loafer who preyed on potential ladies to sponsor his disgusting drug abusing habit, as Sharon would prove in her court papers. As long as it was convenient for him to access what he sought, he was not bothered by the rest.       

Enter, Prophet Magaya.
After the acrimonious divorce, the PHD leaders said, he was hurt by the divorce.
Everyone was offended, considering the public domain attained by respective the players. But many would have wanted the servant of God to be in the forefront to try and quell the impending ugly procedure. They wanted the man to pray for the two and bless their union. Even to call them to his lodges and try something. Why did he not make necessary follow ups to the saga.

Sharon’s mother, after a heated encounter with her competitor, Tafadzwa, should have known better how to treat another marriage. Instead, she was reported to be the front in the retention of wedding gifts offered to the couple. She prohibited the husband any access because they had financed the mega event. The husband was left with no option but to administer brutal force.

Another school of thought proffers that: are we not dealing with imaginary characters in all instances, claiming to represent a certain group, when in actual fact they are all egoistic in their actions in order to claim allegiance and remain significant. Why did the dear prophet not administer a few lessons from what happened during his ‘adultery’ saga.

Only the servant of God can testify. – Salvation Press News (SPN).       

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