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Prophet Walter Magaya: “Be fruitful and multiply” in 2015

Salvation Press News (SPN), HARARE. – With each impending New Year, various Christian congregates gather to receive the latest proclamations for the imminent year. Normally, themes for the forthcoming year are also released in collaboration with God’s wishes.

This trend was not be altered in 2015 either. While other ministries released their themes and set of prophesies, the founder of Prophetic Healing and Deliverance church, Prophet Walter Magaya was equally occupied. Flocks gathered early at his vast setting in anticipation of the day. And their wait was not in vain. The charismatic servant of God then termed 2015: Be fruitful and multiply, a verse plucked from (Genesis 1 v 218).
Prophet Walter Magaya: “Be fruitful and multiply” in 2015
The statement is self-explanatory. It means increasing, plenty or yielding abundantly. In his ensuing declarations he proceeded to say, “God said I want to go back to the basic. There shall be wonders in Mozambique. There shall be wonders in Zimbabwe. Barrenness is going forever. We are about to be fruitful. We are about to multiply. From the 80’s whites were coming from Europe to preach for us, but there is a shift. We are coming from Africa and preaching for them. They are going to sit down and listen to an African man,” said the prophet.

Rationally speaking, you can only multiply from something that you already have. His 2015 prophecy is in sync with his 2014 version of: The year of taking over. You can only repossess what has been grabbed from your grip. Zimbabwe has been under the same conditions for a while now. Many will remember a set of economic limitations imposed on the southern African republic, a while back.

His declarations were however in covenant with other prophets of the day. For a while, the situation in the country has been invaded by various challenges ranging from economic, political and social depressions. In short, he meant that we will return to our original stature as before. They were not off the mark with other local servants of the cloth. The 2015 prophecies were generally in covenant that it will be a fruitful year, contrary to gloom economic forecasts by other observers.
Elsewhere, emerging prophet of God and founder of Glory Ministries, Apostle Pride Sibiya released a set of affirmative prophecies for Zimbabwe, for 2015, though his theme was: Mega Prosperity. “The current situation in Zimbabwe is still under God’s control. We must pray for sanctions to be removed. In a dream, I saw chords bounding the country, but they were removed. I then saw money coming into the country,” he said, adding that, the meltdown in the country was a way for people to turn back to their God.
Zimbabwe has witnessed tremendous economic meltdown previously. 2014, was a watershed were many influential political figures were excluded for varying indiscretions. The explicit servant of God prophesied the restoration of Zimbabwe to its former prominent state. “In a dream, there was an empty basket symbolising Zimbabwe as the former bread basket. In order for God to cleanse it; it had to be hungry. Zimbabwe is still the bread basket of Africa, it has not been nullified to be such. There will be a restoration in the country.”

Across the continent, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye leader of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Nigeria pronounced a similar set of prophecies including: scientific and medical breakthroughs particularly in the areas of lack of sleep, dreams and brain disorder. He said Ebola will die out, whilst world insurgencies will be considerately weakened but we must pray against massive calamities. Ebola had caused a recurrent medical stir in East and West Africa, claiming lives of many in 2014. The medical breakthroughs are also a medial prescription taking over of the medical field. Of late, strides have been recorded in the medical research field.

To buttress his prophecy of multiplication, Prophet Magaya said that a new mineral would be discovered in the country. While some undertaken explorations have yielded nothing, some have promised a brighter future. This latest set of confidence will unleash a wave of buoyancy that the country is headed for recovery, economic or otherwise. While diamond reserves are reportedly dwindling, another platinum deposit was recently unveiled in the country. – Salvation Press News (SPN).

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