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Mr Prophet, will telling my phone details send me to heaven?

Salvation Press News (SPN), HARARE. – Whilst threading and shoving through a maze of keen congregates, a Harare-based prophet suddenly halts, then yells: “Is there anyone here with the following cell phone numbers… if you are here, please come forward. I have something to tell you.”

A lady rises and walks to the front still in total wonder. She had been merely identified by her contacts. She now wonders what lies next in front of the servant of God. Everything that follows was total bewilderment even to the viewers. After the sermon, people in groups engage in conversations of how powerful and influential the prophet has suddenly become.

Questions still stand: is a revelation of cell phones details a miracle? If it qualifies as one, how does it help a church member seeking deliverance? Cell phones are meant to offer us an advantage in communication. They are technological gizmos that enable us to be reachable more conveniently.
No matter their advanced status, they are not instruments that will uplift us in our fellowship. Though they are sometimes capable to be effective in evangelising but they are not a guarantee to transform us to the heavens. We need much more than this. Yes, we need cell phones but we also require a close intimacy with our Christ.
Mr Prophet, will telling my phone details send me to heaven?
Once upon a time, Zimbabwe was engulfed in a prophetic frenzy. Prophets could come and mention cell phone numbers, identification details, house numbers and even describing where a person came from. Many people would be taken in awe at the precision of these personal and intimate details. What preceded later on would be convincing after such details were revealed. But what these people had come to seek was deliverance and not a revelation of identification particulars.
Multitudes were attracted to such churches in anticipation of such personal details. It became a wave of confused miracle seeking people, even if the miracles had little or no significance at all. But what people were after were not mere miracles but actual deliverance and receiving Jesus as their personal saviour. In an instant, the gathering would be turned into a ‘magician platform’.

And still the question still stands: will revealing someone’s cell phone details assist them in any way to receive what they really seek? Are these miracles not just meant to glorify individuals rather than the Lord? Besides telling me my cell phone details, what else is in store for me? Previously, we have heard of magicians who could do equally the same. Then how can individuals differentiate a ‘magician and a prophet of God’.

This year in 2015, fake prophets will be unleashed from the East on Zimbabwe. These are set to dwarf such previous prophesises rendering them inferior to followers who will flock to their sermons, according to a prophecy by one of the leading servants of God in the country. Their influence will be larger in magnitude and charming more people into their fold. The prophecy has also said that these people will sway a lot of people with their startling miracles. – Salvation Press News (SPN).

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