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Miracles galore: of miracle money and abortion

Real miracles originate from God. They are the works of the Holy Spirit, not men.

A child is a blessing from God. Abortion is definitely out of bounds, especially when it originates from the church margins

While money is an earthly revenue meant to solve problems not create them.
The work of miracles is a gift that should not be abused.

Miracle money and abortions were some of the miracles that attracted attention in the press. All of them have happened in churches that are seeking to deliver people from the bondage of the devil. But the outstanding challenge is that the above miracles are all the law.

Here is why the above cases have generated substantial controversy in the country. Once upon a while, ‘miracle money’ became topical and an instant sensation within Zimbabwe. The prophets who led the crusade to bless people with the instant cash were later summoned with the authorities in order to explain their source of cash. Though their origins of power was seldom probed.

Miracles galore: of miracle money and abortion
The crux was, the source of money could not be authenticated since all monetary transactions are supposed to be monitored by relevant regulatory authorities. All transactions must be monitored but ‘miracle money’ flowed to some believers miraculously. Did it mean by having mere faith, one could access instant riches.
In the end, if money could be retained that way, some people were destined to pray for ‘miracle money’ and abstain from the real source of riches that is working. God blesses the labour of our own hands. So, if our coffers are filled with miracle money, where do the blessing of miracle money go to? Who will then work for the benefit of the country? 
Abortion remains unlawful in Zimbabwe, unless permitted by the law. But when abortion transpires in the church what do we expect from the outside world. If the child was conceived through rape or other ways, then the law enforcement agents should have assumed a leading role in probing the case. But here was a prophet, claiming to represent God’s Kingdom and machine, but subverting all channels here on earth and beyond in order to achieve his own egoistic agendas.   

While the wave of miracles has been intensified recently, the challenge is people are concerned with miracles rather than the fulfilment of Christ’s objectives. Miracles are just but a component of the spiritual gifts. There are many of them. A miracle is supposed to bless and offer life to the lifeless, not stifling it.  
When a ‘miracle’ seeks to eliminate God’s provision, it becomes a weapon fighting God’s agenda. A baby is a symbol of life and growth. It seeks protection from the mother and those concerned. Therefore, it becomes an abomination when a perceived life giver extracts the same from a defenceless foetus, especially in front of an expectant followers.

Probably amongst the crowd was a couple seeking to be blessed with a child. But alas, in their own eyes, a helpless foetus is discharged to die in front of them. How would they feel after such an incident? If abortion was administered as a cure, then all those engage in the heinous act could proffer similar alibis.
Your own decree is crucial. It is better to follow a man’s commands with prior full knowledge.
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