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He kissed a man, she kissed a woman: abomination in the house of the Lord

Salvation Press News (SPN), HARARE. – Imagine this episode: two families wait tolerantly for the ‘couple’ to arrive at a wedding ceremony. Suddenly, two man/women appear on the isle, walking elegantly hand-in-hand. Yes, it’s Adam and Steve. Or Eve and Evelyn to be joined in ‘holy matrimony’.

The presiding pastor proceeds to earnestly announce the vows. In conclusion he says, “you may kiss the bride”. The ‘groom’ plants a profound kiss into the ‘bride’ in front of the expectant crowd and church. Later on the two depart for a honeymoon. This is the reality in some churches where gay marriages have been endorsed in recognition of country laws.

The bible vehemently forbids homosexuality. Contrary, some today’s churches have taken it upon themselves to ‘bless’ gay marriages. In a desperate bid to appease the democratic society, some churches are even being led by active homosexual clergyman. In America, some states have passed legislation to accept same sex marriages. The ‘couples’ proceed to live together, while some will adopt children to create a formidable family.
 He kissed a man, she kissed a woman: abomination in the house of the Lord
The Joshua challenge
Joshua was a normal boy, according to those who knew his past. Until he mentioned the incredible. Biologically, he did what every boy was expected to. Later on, he pronounced to his parents that he was a ‘girl’. There was confusion in the family. Joshua later committed suicide. But the family were left with a question: how could a boy suddenly claim that ‘she is a girl’. This case is not only peculiar to the late Joshua.

Closer home, in South Africa, the Caster Simenya brings a better understanding. Caster was born as a girl. She preferred soccer and wearing trousers when she was in school. Many thought she was a ‘boy’. Later on she excelled in athletics. The way she glided on the athletics turf was a pleasurable to the eyewitness.

Her only problem surfaced after she won an athletics tournament. What followed was a disgraceful verification process to qualify her as a woman. Herein lies the difficult: Individuals like Caster and Joshua were born in such a way that they feel the opposite. But so many questions linger on: are pastors right to wed these couples or they are overstepping their jurisdiction? Can homosexuality be corrected or it permanent? Is this condition abnormal, demonic, and can it be reversed?

If it is an abnormality, then they fit the same category as the physically challenged in our societies. As a parent, like you, how would you respond when your child suddenly reveals that she/he is not what you expected from her/him? While homosexuality is embargoed in churches, what can present day pastors do to accommodate such individuals in their churches. If not by marriage, then how can they assist?

Obviously the church cannot select, for they are supposed to love everyone. Cases of people who were once married, have kids and later realise that they are gay are also common. More so, there are certified people who engage in homosexual and straight tendencies (bisexual). In this instance, do we blame the culprit or is it just a demon? Under which biblical chapters do these pastors derive the saying: “I now pronounce you ‘man and wife’” – Salvation Press News (SPN).

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