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‘Get rich and die single’: the life of the rich and famous

Salvation Press News (SPN), HARARE. – The rich and famous can attract wealth to work for them but have generally failed in their marriages. In Hollywood, long and successful marriages are celebrated. Actually, they are rare, and when they exist, they are notable.

Those that have been blessed with lasting marriages will model about it. Why not when some have been married for only months then divorced. Will Smith and Jada, Brad Pit and Angelina Joe have survived the heat in America where divorces of the rich and famous is mega news; it actually sells newspapers and autobiographies have been penned?

‘Get rich and die single’: the life of the rich and famous  
Foremost, a marriage is a blessing from God. A good husband or wife emanates from God, either from a rich or poor background that is what the Lord has afforded you. So we need to accept it and pray relentlessly for the success of the marriage. It is said a man will leave his family and start a new life. This is a lifetime harmony so it requires compulsory planning. It also requests for endurance, sacrifice, tolerance and patience, among other facets. Sadly, this is void in these marriages.

Some current marital trials arise amongst people who refuse to leave their previous connection as, they reject weaning. Some newly weds desire to hang on to their comfort zone rather than pursuing the marriage body, fulfilling its purpose and learn each other without any outside sway. Though the deed of exodus from one’s past is hurting, it is necessary for all parties concerned. It eliminates past connections and creates interdependence. With the rich, their marriages tend to be centered on possessions rather than a godly sanction.
Becoming one flesh means sharing all, including secrets. It means one’s previous evils become collective because they may even affect future generations. But in Hollywood divorce cases have become more glamorous than the marriage itself. Millions of dollars usually exchange ownership to honour the divorce cases. Many are left with questions if the original plan was to constrict the other part of any financial muscle they had. An organ cannot be amputated from the body; it will shut down the system. Every component is vital even minute, it is a symbiotic relationship.

Every asset acquired becomes collective. An injury to one is injury to all. Any foreign object attracts an alignment and halts the smooth running of an existing matrimony. It will not surprise when one partner vehemently defends another even though the evidence points otherwise. Relationships are not reserved for the egoistic. They require unselfish submission emanating from the heart. But when one decide they can extract comfort and love from their financial clout, then we can kiss than marriage goodbye.

When you submit to one another, you are not only promoting a lasting relationship but also respecting God’s law. Contrary, partakers of marriages of convenience believe that being submissive is weak, hence many marriages are crumbling. Submission also promotes zero tolerance to abuse, promiscuity, secretive conduct, use of witchcraft. Instead, harmony and love shall prevail. The insurgency of small houses and its associate evils are in direct competition with God’s will. God will not bless a multiple union. He only recognises a bond between two only. Three is a crowd opening doors to infections, eliminating affections.

Rockford was destined to be successful music beyond Zimbabwean borders. At a tender age, he conquered the airwaves with his sweetened voice. That was then. Today, he has a kindergarten of children to showcase for his musical conquest. Many women today claim to have passed through his arms and many have reaped rejection and nothing extra. It was good when it lasted. Children maintenance cases have been piled against Rockford. The former artiste is now an insipid shadow of his former appeal but noteworthy for his serial womanising.

Recently, Aleck Macheso was embroiled in a bitter divorce with his second wife. When she finally departed, she left with a substantial child maintenance bounty. Previously, she had tried to unseat the first wife without positive results. Those in the fold will know that juju could have played a greater part in this divorce wrangle. This delinquent was later inherited by Sharon who could not last long in her own marriage. Can one really claim to be prosperous when they constantly bounce from one bed to the next in search of so-called comfort and love? What benefits if any can one accumulate from having a trail of divorces and still remain sad? Can this be classified as demonic? – Salvation Press News (SPN).

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