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Beware of prophets of doom in 2015

Salvation Press News (SPN), HARARE. – Churches in Zimbabwe are being encouraged to fortify their unity in fighting impending takeover bids by fake religious cults set to be unleashed in the country starting in 2015.

According to words gleaned by Salvation Press News from a recent prophecy by Apostle Pride Sibiya, these culprits will emanate from the East. Many Zimbabwean worshipers have been certified as hopping from different churches in search of instant miracles.
Beware of prophets of doom in 2015
Amongst the set of prophesies released by the servant of God, Apostle Sibiya, two significant occurrences will take shape this year which are of every Christian’s concern. Prior to the dawn of 2015, he announced that: “cults from the East will invade the Zimbabwean spiritual map and some people will be swayed.”
Already, many people have lost their godly campus due to the influx of churches that preach a gospel irrelevant to God’s promise. Apostle Sibiya noted that, these cults would perform better and more enticing miracles than what is currently trending locally, hence the preachers would attract a huge worship base. Cults have been exposed in Zimbabwe, while some have mushroomed abusing women and taking people’s wealth in the guise of serving the creator.

Many of these have since disappeared, while their founders were jailed of just changed professions. Islam, long regarded as a direct competitor to the true gospel of Christ will also take precedence and seek dominance in 2015 on the religious map. While a noted number of Islam believers are from outside the borders of the country, some have been unleashed to marry in Christian families in order to dilute their belief.
“And Islam will make frantic efforts on Zimbabwe. Churches should ignore their differences and pray,” added the founder of Glory Ministries.

Huge fractions that exist within the Zimbabwean Christian landscape could be a channel for these religions to penetrate the country. While concerted efforts have been championed to order an interdenominational intercessory centre, the efforts have yielded nothing and received negative responses form respective church leaders.

South Africa, once regarded as the bedrock of Africa’s economy will shake in 2015 because of various prominent transgressions inside the republic.
“On a general level things will be harder in South Africa because those sent there have forgotten their mission. You are emissaries of God, do not follow their way of life. Xenophobia and homosexuality is bringing down a nation. Repent on behalf of South Africa. God did not allow you to be there to be drunkards.”

South Africa has benefited generously from an influx of foreigners, mainly from Zimbabwe in search of menial jobs. However, many of these are not properly documented to work in the southern republic. In 2008, the country witnessed a massive foreign citizenry cleansing that claimed almost 50 lives in major cities. Derogatory names have been coined to identify foreigners.

Homosexuality is regarded as a lawful sexual orientation right by Pretoria. Contrary, Harare has been steadfast in rebuking the same sex exercise, thereby drawing immense reprimand especially from European nations. Drug and alcohol abuse has been prevalent even amongst foreign clicks within South Africa. – Salvation Press News (SPN).

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