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Angels are real and they are protecting us

Salvation Press News (SPN), HARARE. – Visions and dreams are a daily event. The significance of these episodes can be interpreted in varying formats. While some seek a wizardry resolution, a selected some opt for the godly route.

What Ryan Zhanje, a Glory Ministries youth member witnessed recently is worth recording.
Aged only 16, many would dismiss his recent angelic versus demonic combat account as a wishful myth. But the eloquent manner he recites his recent vision is not only chilling, but awakening to any obedient listener. The naïve looking young man shared his recent vision with Salvation Press News (SPN) that many would have chosen to shield from further scrutiny.
What Ryan Zhanje and Derick Matsengarwodzi
What Ryan Zhanje
Fortunately, he is not the only member within Glory Ministries to have witnessed these angelic visions. So his statements can be qualified as authentic. According to his testimony, the vision transpired during the early morning of 30th of December, 2014.

On the day in focus, the young man retired to bed earlier. He states, around 1 am in the morning, he started experiencing odd dreams. Load shedding had deemed their residential area dark. His vision was impaired. He could not see far.

“In an instant, I began to see fire spitting dragons. Then angels started appearing wearing white garments. They started fighting against the dragons. For a moment, the angels were losing the ensuing battle. But I soon shouted for the angels to multiply and fight the devil. Soon, the angels increased and started drowning the dragons. By now, I was awake. In this vision, I could see everything clearly,” said the young man.
As he was absorbed in the ensuing melee, the disturbed young man started yelling for Apostle Pride Sibiya, the founding president of Glory Ministries to come and assist him in the battle of survival. His frantic shout was responded. As soon as he did that, he was transformed outside the house. What he experienced outside was even more startling, while more incredible events ensued.
“Outside the house, I could see large numbers of angels bowing down around our yard and surrounding the house. The angels were chasing away dwarfed demons in black coats who were floating in air.”

During this episode, he felt like he was falling into a deep slumber while his spirit was being withdrawn from him, slowly by the multitudes of demons. Immediately, an angel that looked like a human appeared wearing a shiny white garment, holding a bible in one hand appeared on the scene. The face was glowing and he could not see the face clearly. He was afraid, then he screamed: “I will not die.”
The vision ceased, henceforth.
What Ryan Zhanje and Derick Matsengarwodzi
What Ryan Zhanje and Derick Matsengarwodzi
Still disordered, he summoned his grandmother in the next room for a prayer. As they prayed, things started to return to normalcy, but the incident was still etched into his young mind. After consulting his aunt and friend, they recounted that they had almost a related demonic attack while sleeping.
Though Ryan had been temporarily attended another church in Bulawayo, he was raised in Glory Ministries. His parents were members of the church since its early establishment. Recently, he returned home and rejoined his former church. Ryan’s testimony is not isolated.

Lately, several worshipers have sighted angels inside their respective homes. Some even boldly stated that the servant of God, Apostle Sibiya fought for their lives against impending spiritual satanic attacks and witchcraft. – Salvation Press News (SPN).

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