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2015 a year of Mega Prosperity

By Apostle Pride Sibiya
‘By a prophet Israel was delivered, and by a prophet Israel was delivered...surely the Lord will do nothing except He reveals it to His servants the prophets...believe in God you shall be established. Believe also in His prophets and you shall prosper’

The humid night at Bethel Worship Centre signalled a prophetic pregnant night that many worshipers could not afford to miss, even though the rains were relentless. Worshipers braved the night to witness what God had prepared for their future. 

2015, according to the prophesises accorded to Apostle Pride Sibiya by the Lord will unleash abundant prosperity to the nation of Zimbabwe. Though prophecies are conditional, faith is needed to believe in His word and prophesies for them to transpire. When the prophets speak, the wise listen.

Apostle Pride Sibiya
Below is the summary of what the Lord delivered through his prophetic office:
1. 2015 will be a year of mega prosperity to those that believe and obey God.
2. ‘Prepare for the coming of my Son, live the life of the Kingdom and reach out to many’
3. The nation of Zimbabwe and all we are going through is still in the hands of God
4. I saw three cords binding Zimbabwe and God said, pray for the nation and two cords were broken, the grace for lifting of sanctions is on us. Pray against them, bless the nation and our leaders. Funding is coming to our nation
5. Someone will be sent by God to speak in the nation concerning the welfare of the aged and pensioners
6. Cults from the East will invade the Zimbabwean spiritual map and some people will be swayed
7. Islam will make frantic efforts on Zimbabwe. Churches should ignore their differences and pray
8. Marriages and weddings of people that people had already disqualified
9. Many aeroplanes will fly from Air Zimbabwe
10. Ministers will rise in Glory big time
11. Cars, houses, and stands have been released
12. On a general level things will be harder in South Africa because those sent there have forgotten their mission. You are emissaries of God, do not follow their way of life. Xenophobia and homosexuality is bringing down a nation. Repent on behalf of South Africa. God did not allow you to be there to be drunkards
13. Zimbabweans in SA and Botswana should pray. You are ambassadors of the Kingdom
14. Those who are called in poultry will prosper. Expand, but keep necessary medications because I saw a demon hiding behind Newcastle disease. Pray for your birds
15. Fight the spirit of poverty, spirit of death, aggression against Zimbabwe. Speak prosperity throughout the year of 2015

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