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Prophet Walter Magaya talks about a prayer that can move mountains

Many have been querying why their prayers are not bringing results yet they do pray “hard” like anyone else. Today’s teaching is not knew to many of our regular followers of this page and you will come across it on a regular basis until all of us are now able to pray in a way which brings results. It is one of the teachings which will be repeated more often for the glory of God through your testimonies.

From the above scripture I am going to dwell much on verse-2 of the above prayer because I realised that is where many are getting lost during prayer. It contains a praise statement “hallowed” and it mentions what we need as well – “your kingdom come.”

“Hallowed be your name.” is saying, let your name be praised, be sacred, be holy, be glorified and that means we are praising our heavenly father.

Am I talking to somebody here?

Prophet Walter Magaya talks about a prayer that can move mountains
“your kingdom come.” Other versions say, “let it be on earth as it is in heaven.” The kingdom of God is full of happiness, good health, success, prosperity, peace of mind, fruitfulness and multiplication, in fact anything good you may desire on this earth, it is in heaven, so the prayer is saying let these good things happen to me here on earth as it is in heaven.

The flock of Jesus, that verse carries the content of ALL our prayer requests. There is PRAISE in the prayer and that matters most. Some of you may argue about verse 3-4, but let me remind the flock of Jesus that those 2 verses were catered for on the cross by Jesus Himself [1 Cor.15:3-4]. He died for our sins and by His scars we were healed.

Mwana wemuporofita ita Aaamen anobhowa Satan!

Without wasting much time, let me answer someone who is in Form-4F so that s/he moves to 4A. We are going to look at these 2 prayers. Imagine we have 2 women praying for marriage, or they are barren, they have fibroids, they need financial breakthrough and they are tormented by evil spirits as well as limitation spirits.

Prayer-A [this one is in Form-4F]

Lord you know that I am your child. You said in your word, come to me who are heavily laden and I came but I am still laden and getting worse. Ndichakaremerwa Mwari wangu. Zvangu zvazondinyanyira mambo weIsrael. It is now as if you are no longer in my life. I pray every day. I fast regularly and I am a regular tither. I read your Bible and attend your services regularly. I am good with my neighbours even though they falsely accuse me and I forgive them as your word says. Please my Lord, it is now many years of suffering in my life. I go to the mountains for weeks and at times the whole month but nothing seems to change. My fellow Christians do not worship you regularly. They pray for only 2 minutes but you bless them abundantly. Please my Jesus, heal me of my fibroids they have tormented me for years. I need marriage in my life, I have been single for too long, all my friends are now married and with children. My poverty levels are too, too much my Lord. I feel like going back into the world because I have waited and suffered for too long my God. I am tormented by evil spirits every time and my life is stuck completely, help me please, please, please my Jesus. When will my worries come to an end? Ndinokumbirawo muchato Mwari wangu. Inga vamwe vangu vapera kuroorwa wani? Ko ini ndini ndanyanyotadzei? Ndinokumbirawo kuporeswa pamwe nekuwaniswa basa nemi Mwari wangu. Iiiiiiiiiiiiii zvanyanya Mwari wangu. Ndanzwa nekurwadziwa nenhamo. Ndisunungurei kani Mwari. You seem to be dead silent in my life. Set me free. Why me? Why? Why? Why? Thank you Jesus. Amen.

Prayer-B [this one is in Form-4A ]

You devil, I belong to a powerful God, the creator of heavens and earth! I have total authority over you in the name Jesus. You have no power over my life anymore, your time has expired. You sickness, OUT of my life! You barrenness, OUT of my life right now! You spiritual husband, anti-marriage spirit, your time has expired, OUT of my life! Satan wakajaidzwa. Satan urimbwa mese nemadhimoni ako. Buda muupenyu hwangu right now, right now, right now, izvozvi, izvozvi, izvozvi. You fibroids, OUT! Poverty spirit, OUT! OUT! OUT!

My God, my God, the uncreated creator, I exalt your name my Lord! My Jesus, my Jesus, the Holy of holies! Thank you Jesus for setting me free from limitation. There are no more boundaries in my life, even the sky is no longer the limit in my life. My Jesus, the King of kings! Jehovah Nissi, my banner, my protector and my shield, thank you for the protection in life. Handicharoyeka, ndave mwana wemuporofita. Jehovah Jirreh, my provider, thank you for my financial breakthrough. Abbah! Abbah! Abbah! You said in your word, let the poor say, I am rich, and I am rich in deed my Jesus Christ. Jehovah Jirreh, I honour you for my marriage. Ndazoroorwa Mwari - wangu muchato waita. Nemavanga enyu Jesu ndakaporeswa, saka mafibroids apera izvozvi. Thank you for my healing, Jehovah Rapha, the God who heals. The book of Psalms says we are healed of ALL diseases and I am healed indeed. I glorify your name my Lord. I praise you my wonderful Jesus. Yadah! Yadah! Yadah! Abba! Abbah! Abbah! Muri mutsvene, mutsvene, mutsvene! Makanaka! Makanaka! Makanaka! Ndimi moga munokodzera kurumbidzwa. Thank you my Jesus. Zvangu zvaita nhasi. In the Mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Amen.

Or even this short one, “Let there be light to life, to my marriage, to my sickness, to my finances and to my freedom. Thank you my Lord. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.”

If you look at the prayer of God’s child in 4A you will notice that there is more of PRAISE than asking to God. Paul and Silas did not spend the whole night crumbled in the corner of the prison cells putting on long faces. Neither did they spend the night wailing and howling to God because of their predicament. Instead, they PRAISE and PRAISED shouting with joy unto the Lord and God heard their praises which set them loose. Remember when praises go up God’s His blessings come down for his glory.

There you are the flock of Jesus. Ibva wadzidza mwana wemuporofita. I hope you have graduated from Form-4F to Form-4A. Shout, “The devil is in trouble!”

Shout, “You devil – I belong to a BIG GOD! You are under His feet! I command you OUT! Let there be light! You devil you made a serious mistake of allowing me to be a child of God and let alone a child of the Prophet in a deliverance ministry – what a mistake! You are in trouble!

All areas of my life are resurrecting!
I am crossing ooooooooooover!
This is my turn-around month and you cannot stop me!
I am a woman of valour – a woman and a half!
I am a man of substance – a man and a half!”

Mbiri kunaJesu.
Let there be light – the light that pushes away darkness

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