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Prophet Mutumwa converts Dotcom

Its official!
Rising musician Tendai Chipara better known in entertainment circles as Dotcom has traded music for the pulpit, thanks to Prophet Abel Mutumwa of the New Revelation Apostolic Church.

In fact, Dotcom is now a prophet, following in the footsteps of the likes of Ivy Kombo and Laston Murerwa who have gone on to be successful religious people.

Dotcom who was probably at the zenith of his music career with his album Zvakutapira doing well said though it was difficult to make the decision to leave music, the calling from heaven was strong.

“I would like to thank Prophet Mutumwa who was shown something special in me. He has prayed for me and has been patient with me,” said Dotcom.
Prophet Mutumwa converts Dotcom
“I have decided to shelve music to pursue my calling. I am now a prophet and Prophet Abel Mutumwa has been mentoring me since he is the one who saw the vision about my life.
“I thought my calling was in music but I now feel I can do more in spreading the gospel and saving souls. I am like the biblical Saul who changed to Paul. I want to pursue God’s work wholeheartedly without any hindrance,” he said.

Dotcom equated his life to that of Paul. He said he is ready for the new challenge in ministering the word of God.

The former musician said Mutumwa looked for him after seeing a vision about his life.

“Prophet sends me a message but I did not go. He looked for me and said I should minister. Though I used to go there I just wanted help. I went to South Africa with him and after some prayers I realised that God wanted to use me in a special way (sic),” he said.

Mutumwa said it was a miracle to change Dotcom from music to being a prophet.

“It is a testimony on its own. Though I have many prominent people who have come through, Chipara is a special one because God wants to use him in a special way. I had a vision of his future and I prayed for him. I am the one who send him to TB Joshua because I wanted him to get further instructions,” said Mutumwa.

The church, New Revelation Apostolic Church is fast growing with branches in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Like any Pentecostal church, the church performs miracles and healing.

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