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She vomited a 30 cm long tape worm

Anna used to eat abnormally to the point she would finish 22 slices of bread in a single meal since she was 16 years of age. She had gotten so used to eating humungous amounts of food it had become normal to her and her family. That was the trend till last Wednesday the 22nd of October 2014. On Wednesday she found herself unable to eat as she had lost appetite and it went on for 3 days when she decided to administer the anointing oil.

She was now surviving on raw mangoes and raw tomatoes. Her parents were now suspecting that she was pregnant because it had never happened in the past years. She administered just a drop of the resurrection power filled anointing oil on her own and immediately felt like throwing up and she threw up. She was shocked to note that she had thrown up a 30 cm worm. God set her free through the medium of the anointing oil for His glory. Her appetite has been restored and the spirit of gluttony has been cast out of her.

She vomited a 30 cm long tape worm

She vomited a 30 cm long tape worm
She now eats normal quantities of food like anyone else and to God be the glory.

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