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Prophet Magaya heals man’s manhood

A Harare man who had a malfunctioning ‘bedroom gun’ has been healed by Popular Prophet Walter Magaya founder and leader of PHD Ministries.

According to a testimony given by the man, Emmanuel Samkange, at church, his third marriage was on the rocks because of his ‘mischievous’ baby making pipe. Apparently he has been married thrice since 2010 and his second wife deserted him after failing to cope with the ‘drought’.

This is now a thing of the past though,his ‘engine’ is performing extremely well now thanks to Prophet Magaya’s invaluable assistance.

According to the Church’s publicity team: Emmanuel Samkange has been in 3 marriages in the past five years. Two marriages collapsed whilst the third was at the verge of collapsing when the Lord met him here at PHD Ministries. His first marriage was so sour it did not even last a year and the second lasted for only 8 months. He developed a problem of impotence in his second marriage and that is the reason why his wife fled him. The same problem continued into the third marriage every time he tried to be intimate with his wife he would experience severe back problems and would urinate every 10 minutes. In all this the devil was fighting to destroy his marriage again.
Samkane giving a Testimony
This time round the devil’s mission failed because he got to know about the Arena of liberty through Yadah TV and he decided to visit. He had been to various white garment churches but got no solution from there. The day he decided to visit PHD Ministries opened up room for attacks from the devil. The devil ensured that it became difficult for him to acquire even a single dollar for transport in an effort to frustrate him and deter him from attaining his freedom from his yoke. His mother -in –law chipped in noticing the gravity of his problem and footed his travelling expenses.

He visited PHD Ministries on the 19th of October 2014 and he was anointed with the rest of the congregation. His testimony began three days later when he was taken aback by the fact that his manhood was restored. The back pains he felt became a thing of the past since that day and the heaviness he felt upon his shoulders left him. He is now totally free and his marriage has been restored for the glory of God Almighty. There is never a problem Jesus Christ cannot solve, He is above all!

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