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Magaya Builds a Bridge Across Mukuvisi River

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder prophet Walter Magaya has revealed that he has constructed a 40-metre bridge river without the approval of the relevant authorities to help local people crossing who have all along used water and sewer pipes erected across the river.

The bridge will benefit people who travel between Waterfalls and Highfield in Harare and have previously used dangerous undesignated crossing points leading to some incidents of drowning.

Prophet Magaya said he constructed the bridge for schoolchildren, members of his church and the community at large.

“Thousands of people used to cross using water and sewer pipes that cross Mukuvisi River. We built it to beat the rainy season where it would be slippery and the crossing points people were using claimed the lives of 170 people since 1978 after they fell into the water. Four members of our church have relatives who perished when they fell into the river. This is part of the programmes we do for people in the society,” said prophet Magaya. Prophet Magaya said construction of the bridge briefly created employment for some youths.
Magaya Builds a Bridge Across Mukuvisi River
“We did it to create employment for people who had the knowledge but were failing to secure job opportunities. We roped in 15 welders and 30 bricklayers and their assistants who did the job to perfection.

“I did it without approval from city authorities but
Magaya Builds a Bridge Across Mukuvisi River
the local leadership told us they asked several times for such infrastructure to be built but with failure.

It is assisting church members and school children who walk to schools like Lord Malvern in Waterfalls on a daily basis,” said prophet Magaya.

In December 2013, Prophet Magaya also built a house in Chitungwiza for a man he had spiritually delivered from a long history of mental illness. 

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