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Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa prophecy on mass action

HARARE – Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has sailed into stormy political waters by appearing to suggest that suffering Zimbabweans should not protest against the Mugabe regime because this will lead to bloodshed.
The United Family International Church leader claimed that God revealed to him in a prophecy on June 17 this year that demonstrations would trigger unrest and warned people against taking such action in the national interest.

During his Tuesday evening service at the City Sports Centre, Makandiwa said:

“We come across things and God gives us grace to interpret. They entered into a field and the people were like farmers carrying seeds and they started sowing the seeds in the field. The seeds were very good, but the timing was wrong.

“It was not time for planting. It was not the correct time. I looked at the seed; it might be a good seed but look at the time though the seed might be good. So I tried to warn the people. All of a sudden the owner of the field came and said you cannot be putting seeds at this time, but people never listened.”

He went on: “I saw bees walking on foot from the forest from all directions and they started biting people. People started crying and as they were crying other bees from very far places heard them crying and they came flying. These bees started biting each other but in the process, the farmers were in danger”.

“These ones are coming to stop them. It is their responsibility to stop any disorder. They were not attacking the farmers. No, but they were biting other bees.”

Prophet Makandiwa said he saw rivers flowing with blood in the second vision.

“First they were flowing with water which later turned into blood. I saw blood spots on the streets, on the walls, on the road. I would want all of you to hear me well, it is a spiritual thing. If you tell people that things are going to be well they think it’s motivational speaking, but I only say it because I have seen it,” he said.

Makandiwa claimed there were so many nations that Zimbabweans admired but when those countries looked at Zimbabwe they “admire us more than we do”.

“Number one is your culture and that is why when they want to help you they say sacrifice your culture and we will give you grants, revisit your marriage definition and if you cannot compromise, we cannot help you. The other thing that makes you admirable is the peace you have, do everything you can to keep that peace for the sake of the next generation,” he said.
Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa prophecy on mass action
“Less talking, more prayer, whoever is going to come in, no matter how perfect, she or he will not be of any help. Let us have a person that we are ready to pray for, ” he said.

Makandiwa’s prophecy appeared to be aimed at opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai who vowed that his party will organize mass protests against Mugabe’s regime to deliver on election promises made last year including the delivery of 2,2 million jobs.

Curiously the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) in July this year was forced to deny that it was pursuing Makandiwa’s United Family International Church’s (UFIC) incomes following reports that officers from the revenue authority wanted to garnish the church’s account.

Nehanda Radio sources claim that Zimra officials had visited UFIC offices in Harare demanding books of accounts and accusing the popular church of accumulating millions of dollars but failing to pay tax.

Meanwhile Makandiwa gave an audience to the Zanu PF controlled state media to explain his prophecy in full.

“This is an issue I saw four months ago before I mentioned it. The people that I saw were people that were gathered. Zvikanzi let us have a campaign that was peaceful. People were in the streets. They were marching,” he said.

“You have security agents coming…We do not want a situation where we end up having peacekeepers here. In most cases, civilians will lose their lives,” said Prophet Makandiwa. He urged Zimbabweans to pray for the nation.

“That is a matter we have to pray against. That whole process will result in bloodspots in the streets. We just need to pray for our nation. The Bible says iye haabate munondo pasina. Ministers are appointed by God. Presidents are appointed by God.”

“It is something that can be avoided. Whoever is behind whatever it is, is intelligent enough to make a decision. It was a good motive but the timing is wrong. It is like having a good seed on the ground at the wrong time. It will not germinate. It will rot in the ground.”

“Where we are now, as I pray, I see the President as a person committed to put something in place. There is something he is contemplating. It is still in the pipeline but it is unfortunate there are so many fights even in-house. That will delay the plans. It was supposed to be something…”

He said that when given a prophecy, as a man of God, he was obliged to share it with the nation.

“Whoever is organising the protests, I would tell him what I saw in the prophecy. I would advise not to proceed. It is not the right time,” said Prophet Makandiwa.

“It is a situation we have but we are there to pray for people vaiswa namwari. If we see anything we say it.”
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