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Makandiwa Warns Tsvangirai, Says Mugabe Has A Vision

UFIC church founder has sent out a message to Zimbabweans against taking to the streets in protest against the current economic situation saying there would be bloodshed if such demonstartion occured, State media reports.

The pronouncements by Makandiwa has been interpreted as a warning to MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai amid revelations that he plans to personally lead street protests being organised by his opposition party from the frontline.

“The protests will be more coordinated. The party leadership will be at the front in some of the protests depending on the situation. Definitely, the leadership, including president Tsvangirai, will be there on the front,” Mwonzora said on Friday as he revealed that the demos might follow immediately after the party elelctive congress in October.

United Family International Church (UFIC) founder, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa said Zimbabweans should remain peaceful and calm as the prevailing challenges will come to pass.

In a message to his followers at the City Sports Centre in Harare on Tuesday night, Prophet Makandiwa said the government leadership has a plan to restore Zimbabwe’s economy and push it to greater heights.
Makandiwa Warns Tsvangirai, Says Mugabe Has A Vision
He warned Zimbabweans to be careful and not disturb God’s plans by embarking on the path of self destruction or any behaviour that might disrupt reconstruction projects and programmes.

Telling his followers about a vision he saw a few months ago about street marches that ended in bloodshed, he said acts of violence and uprisings may result in deaths of innocent people, while causing untold suffering among the populace.

Reading from the book of 1 Samuel where Israel’s elders went to Samuel and asked him to anoint a king, he explained that leaders or kings are anointed by the Almighty and they are given swords which they should use if the need arises.

The UFIC leader assured Zimbabweans that the Head of State has a vision for the future and rebuilding of the nation but said the implementation of the vision is being delayed by those involved in in-fighting in government.

Prophet Makandiwa’s message comes at a time some political leaders are plotting to use violent protests against government.

In the 1990s, violent demonstrations, boycotts strikes and stay-aways affected the economy and portrayed Zimbabwe as a lawless country.

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