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Church leader sued for adultery

By Cletus Mushanawani
The leader of Johanne Marange (Simon Branch), Clement Momberume, has been slapped with a $10 000 adultery lawsuit by his Bulawayo-based relative for allegedly bedding his second wife.

The man, Jasper Dhliwayo, travelled all the way from Bulawayo to serve Momberume with the summons through the Messenger of Court on Wednesday and the parties are expected to appear in court on Monday.

The leader of Johanne Marange (Simon Branch), Clement Momberume
The case number is CC39 of 2014 and will be heard by a Bulawayo magistrate.

Both Dhliwayo and his wife, Mavis Sungayi Vilakazi, confirmed the case, while Momberume pleaded with this publication not to publish it, saying it was church politics at play.

In an unsolicited interview, Dhliwayo, who was armed with the summons, said he was bitter with his uncle Momberume for betraying the trust he had in him as he had confided a lot of secrets in him.

In the particulars of the claim which this paper has in its possession, Dhliwayo said Momberume, who usually frequents Bulawayo on church business, came to his house in August 2012 when he was introduced to the former’s second wife, Mavis, who is a nurse by profession.

“After the defendant was introduced to the plaintiff’s wife, defendant then requested for her mobile number and also took her a picture. It is in this regard that the defendant started communicating with plaintiff’s wife. On his visits to Bulawayo, the defendant would not communicate with the plaintiff, but instead would tell the plaintiff’s wife that he will be coming to Bulawayo.

“It was on April 10 that the defendant came to Bulawayo and met with the plaintiff’s wife at TM Hyper and the defendant drove to Greys Inn Hotel together with the plaintiff’s wife. At the hotel, the defendant bought wine and gave plaintiff’s wife. He bought mineral water for himself.

“The defendant started to make some prophecies concerning my wife. He started telling her that I am the one who was causing her to have miscarriages whenever her pregnancy reaches seven months. Defendant also alleged that I have a big snake which I used to run my business. My wife had three miscarriages before.

“However, I had told my uncle (the defendant) about the miscarriages before. When he was telling my wife about it, it was as if he was making a prophecy,” said Dhliwayo.
He said Momberume allegedly instilled fear in his wife by claiming that he (Dhliwayo) was sleeping with him for ritual purposes.

“He claimed that when I am having sex with my wife, it is not me who will be doing the actual act, but it will be a baboon. He also alleged that I was on ARV therapy.

“Having convinced my wife with his lies, he later booked a room at the hotel and the two went to that room where they slept together. My wife was drunk after drinking the wine bought by Momberume. The defendant slept with my wife on April 10, 2013 and April 12, 2013,” he said.

Dhliwayo said he suspected that something had happened between Momberume and his wife after the former started ignoring his calls, but would instead communicate with his wife.

“The two used to communicate via WhatsApp, but for me to get a confession from my wife, I lied to her that their sexual encounters had became public knowledge in Mutare and that church elders wanted her side of the story. She put everything in writing and when I tried to solve the issue with Momberume, he started ignoring my calls and at times would cut me off,” he said.

Mavis also confirmed sleeping with Momberume in a telephone interview from her Bulawayo base on Wednesday evening.

“He (Momberume) tricked me into sleeping with him on two occasions. I was desperate to have a baby and he told me lies that he claimed were a prophecy. He used protection when we slept together saying he wanted to ensure that I would not have a miscarriage. This all happened at Greys Inn Hotel after picking me up at TM Hyper in town.

“On the two occasions we slept together, he bought me beer. He first bought me a bottle of Montello and then Gold Blend. I still have the empty bottles at home, but I realised that all his alleged prophecies were lies after I suffered my fourth miscarriage. I wronged my husband and have since asked for his forgiveness,” she said.

When phoned for a comment, Momberume invited this reporter to his house where he denied ever sleeping with Mavis.

“Yes, I have received Dhliwayo’s summons, but he is a liar. He is out to tarnish my image. This is church politics at play as you are aware that there is a lot of politics in the church.

“I have spoken to you because I know you, that is the reason I stopped your colleague Zhakata from coming here. I wanted to go to DRC tomorrow (Thursday), but I have to attend the court session. Let justice take its course because Dhliwayo have been threatening me for some time now. I even reported the case to the police in Bulawayo,” said Momberume. Manica Post

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